Ways to Play

Northland FC First Teams - Performance

Our first teams represent the club at the highest possible level and are at the summit of our player and coach pathways. They have the responsibility of achieving results for the club alongside acting as standard bearers, embodying our values and holding aspirational roles for younger players and developing coaches.

We see the effects of continuity flowing through from our youth teams, and our location dictates a strong need for developing players from within the Northland region to represent us. Our aim is to forge a link between players in the discovery phase at community member clubs in our region to stepping out onto the field in our colours to compete in the Lotto NRFL.

If you are interested in joining our senior first teams, please email us or contact us through our Facebook page for more information around trainings.

Northland FC Youth Teams - Game Training

Northland FC field youth teams in every Lotto NRFL Youth competition for boys and girls, as well as teams in the NRF Championship. Across all age groups (between 13th-17th Grade), we undertake an open selection process prior to preseason, typically in term 4 each year.

A number of factors are considered when selecting a player for our youth squads, as we operate a development program that is centred on the individual and not the team. Physical maturation, technical/tactical understanding and psychological factors determine the challenge point for the player.

Our periodised youth training program is aligned with NZ Football and we are committed to meeting orexceeding standards and licencing criteria, ensuring that best practice is adopted throughout the club. Our youth program is centred around the 'game training' phase of player development, which uses the core skills developed during the skill acquisition phase and teaches players how to utilise them in a team environment.

If you are interested in joining our youth program, please email us or contact us through our Facebook page for more information around trainings.

McDonald's Northland Skills Centre - Skill Acquisition

The skill acquisition phase is the optimal time to focus on developing football skills, which is essential for long term participation in football. Our training program from 9-12th grade places emphasis on learning core football skills within the context of the game.

The McDonald's Northland Skills Centre runs alongside participation in junior community football in Northland, although there is the opportunity to experience playing for Northland FC at gamedays against other Skills Centre clubs and at festivals such as the Festival del Calcio in Auckland and the Weir Rose Bowl in Cambridge.

Wellington Phoenix Academy - Pre-Academy Program

The Wellington Phoenix are the only professional club in Aotearoa New Zealand and we have partnered with them in 2022 to give young Northlanders the opportunity to step onto the Phoenix pathway. Our junior pre-academy is based on the same principles as our McDonald’s Northland Skills Centre and will be running on Friday nights at Trigg Sports Arena in terms 2 & 3 alongside offering comprehensive online resources to participants.

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