About Northland FC


Establish Northland region as a footballing destination in Aotearoa New Zealand.


Provide high-quality football programs to inspire, connect and create opportunities for the Northland region.

Our Values


Aspirational player and coach pathways
Creative and innovative thinking
Set and achieve clearly defined goals


Ambition is critical to success
Embrace expectations and dreams
Strive for continuous improvement


Strength through unity and collaboration
Embrace expectations and dreams
Strive for continuous improvement

Our Story

Northland Football Club (Northland FC) was formed in 2004 as North Force AFC. Originally owned 50/50 by Tikipunga AFC and Kamo FC, the club changed its name and ownership model in 2016 to better reflect the region it represents. At the time vof writing, we count seventeen member clubs from Kaitaia United in the north to Mangawhai in the south.

We are proud to represent our region and are committed to being the best possible version of ourselves while doing so. We also recognize that we stand on the shoulders of our member clubs and schools, so it is imperative that we work together to develop the game within our community for the benefit of all of us.

Northland is a region that is reliant on developing its own players locally, not just to represent us but to go beyond us. Over the last five years multiple players have come through our system and gone on to play in regional competitions across the country with clubs while at university, while others have secured scholarships to colleges in the United States.

Our club is committed to adhering to all NZ Football standards and licencing criteria to ensure that best practice for talent development is adopted within our organisation and at the region’s community clubs in terms of player and coach development- we want to grow the game in the region to ensure that every footballer at every level in Northland has access to quality coaching and has a positive, safe experience of the beautiful game.

Our Partners